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About Christine

As the mother of four sons, she knows the challenges facing Millennials burdened by student debt; as a cancer survivor, she understands the importance of affordable health insurance; as a small business owner, she values a diversified, robust economy that works for all; as a former teacher, she knows well the importance of excellent schools; and her years in journalism compel her to work for honesty and transparency in government.

Christine's Vision for Our Community

As a progressive Democrat, Christine has an interlocking, connected platform for progress. This includes economic security for every family, protection of the environment, sustainability and green energy policies, civil rights, equity in opportunity and respect for diversity, and revival of arts, culture and local history.



Get Involved

Over the next few months, Christine plans to meet as many people as she can in the towns of Haddam, Deep River, Essex and Chester. Her candidacy is a grassroots effort, so we will need plenty of determined volunteers and small donations from people within our shared community.


Listen to those who have stepped up to endorse Christine Palm. The list continues to grow! Be sure to cast your vote on Nov 6th for Christine Palm!



Community Voices

Read what the citizens of the 36th District are saying about Christine Palm and why they are demanding changing this November in Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam.


Upcoming Events