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Christine is the real thing. She is clear, honest, informed, and committed.
— Claire Walsh

Zip06 |The Real Thing

Claire M. Walsh

Published April 04, 2018

Door-to-door knocking in local communities reveals that voters reject the lies, corruption and hateful rhetoric of the Trump White House.
— Claire Walsh

Letters | Voters are Paying Attention

Claire M. Walsh

Published Sept 3, 2018 | Hartford Courant

The green economy is the wave of the future and if jobs and money are what we want, we ought to get on board or we will lose BOTH our environment and our economy.
— Frank Hanley Santoro

Letter to the Editor: Protection of the Environment is Good for the Economy

by Frank Hanley Santoro

Published September 10, 2018 |

Christine Palm has the experience, competence, and integrity to provide voters in the 36th Assembly District with leadership they can be proud of.
— Leslie Strauss

Begins at the Top

Leslie Strauss

Published Oct. 03, 2018 |

Reasonable, Approachable, and Fair-Minded

Laura Copland

Published Oct. 10, 2018 |

Christine is also deeply committed to equal pay for women, economic security for families, affordable healthcare, and protecting our valued lands and waterways.
— Laura Copland

Christine Palm has kept her pledge to run a clean race, even as her signs are stolen and trashed across Haddam.
— Sarah Ficca

Letter: Removers of political signs in Haddam/East Haddam should think twice

Sarah Ficca

Published October 2, 2018 | Middletown Press

I know Christine Palm is committed to gun safety and will work to
protect our children. Vote for responsible gun ownership on November 6th.
— Claire Walsh, Deep River

Letter to the Editor: Walsh supports Palm

Claire Walsh

Posted on October 17, 2018 | Haddam Killingworth NOW

This ends a particularly petty week of Democrats in local races having their hard-earned signs snatched.
— Sarah Ficca

A Particularly Petty Week

Sarah Ficca

Published Oct. 17, 2018 |

Elections are won as much by those who don’t vote, as by those who do.
— Marta Daniels

This Time Get Out and Vote

Marta Daniels

Published Oct 19, 2018 | Hartford Courant