Meet Christine

Christine Palm is running for election as State Representative in the 36th General Assembly district, covering Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam. She is a lifelong Connecticut resident and progressive Democrat whose social justice advocacy began in high school when she marched with Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers, and has culminated in her strong desire today to champion public policy that reflects the aspirations and concerns of people in the lower Connecticut River Valley.

Palm has been a journalist, high school teacher, communications manager, and small business owner. Most recently, she has served as Women’s Policy Analyst for the General Assembly’s Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, a group that advocates for policies that enhance the safety and economic security of these three under-represented populations. Before that, she was Communications Director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.

Having worked in both Executive and Legislative branches of government (including several years at the State Treasury) Palm understands both the grave responsibilities and the singular opportunities of serving in the General Assembly. As policy analyst charged with working on legislation to secure women’s rights, she worked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on paid family and medical leave, pay equity, domestic violence, the Baby Safe Haven adoption law, and human trafficking, among others. And she assisted her colleagues at the Commission in their work on opioid prevention, school bus safety, early childhood literacy, anti-bullying measures, and protecting services for senior citizens, including Medicare and Medicaid.

She is eager now to combine her knowledge of lawmaking with her life experiences in service to common-sense, progressive policies on the economy, education, transportation and the environment in order to move the state forward. As the mother of four sons, she knows the challenges facing Millennials burdened by student debt; as a cancer survivor, she understands the importance of affordable health insurance; as a small business owner, she values a diversified, robust economy that works for all; as a former teacher, she knows well the importance of excellent schools; and her years in journalism compel her to work for honesty and transparency in government.

Palm is the owner of Sexual Harassment Prevention, LLC, which works with businesses to create better workplace environments, protect workers, and prevent lawsuits. She and her husband, the artist James Baker, moved to Chester seven years ago, drawn here by the region’s beauty, vibrancy and strong community spirit.

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