Why I'm Running

I believe in the U.S. Constitution as a living document, in the separation of Church and State, in the inviolate worth of the First Amendment, and that no one — including the powerful — is above the law.

I believe that a free, unfettered press, with transparent access to those in power, is the bedrock of a democratic society.

I believe that economic security for all families will improve the economy, boost GDP, enhance our state’s reputation and encourage young people to remain in the state. For this we need a balanced budget that does not burden working families or towns, but draws instead from increased revenue and a progressive tax system in which the most fortunate among us pay proportionally more than the poorest, because privilege and success carry with them responsibility for others. We need a living minimum wage, lower student debt, and family-friendly workplace policies.

I believe in a single-payer health care system, and that affordable healthcare is the right of every citizen, regardless of income, race, gender, gender expression, or medical condition.

I believe in the fundamental, inalienable right of all women to be treated as the equals they are. Women must have equal pay for equal work; equal access to career advancement, financial security and asset-building; a significant role in corporate decision-making; equal representation in local, state and federal government; paid family and medical leave; and affordable, safe and unfettered access to the full range of reproductive rights, including abortion.

I believe in the rights of immigrants, that law-abiding families should not be exiled because of their place of origin, and that only Native Americans can claim they do not owe their existence to the fact that their ancestors emigrated from other lands.

I believe that we are all free to love whomever we chose, that members of the LGBTQ community have the right to express their sexual identity however feels genuine to them, and that so-called “gay conversion therapy” is an abomination.

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I believe Black Lives Matter and that our country needs to do some serious soul-searching about race and the violence and discrimination perpetrated against people of color.

I support, as guaranteed in the First Amendment, the right of people of all faiths — including those targeted because they are Muslims — to express their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) in safety and in an environment that sees differences as a source of strength.

I believe it is past time to end governmental gridlock, and I believe in working cooperatively with reasonable people of goodwill for the good of all.
— Christine Palm
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I believe that while humankind may have dominion over the earth and its creatures, we are its stewards and do not have the right to despoil it. I oppose all fracking, and encourage the promotion of sustainable energy sources.

I believe that corporate welfare stifles innovation and holds our government hostage. Huge tax breaks and pandering to corporations that threaten to leave our state only creates more of the same; instead, we should be supporting small- and mid-size start-ups that formulate creative, sustainable plans to encourage growth, employ our residents, and support local communities.

I believe in gun safety for all citizens, which means: sensible gun laws, including background checks, limitations on sales to those with mental illness, and the removal of firearms from anyone convicted of domestic abuse. I support the rights of hunters and those seeking self-protection to own an appropriate firearm, and that there is no place in a civil society for semi-automatic weapons such as those used in mass killings.

I believe Medicare and Medicaid were created to right a serious wrong in our society and that they should be preserved and enhanced.

I believe that art, culture and historic preservation are essential to a thoughtful, enlightened and peaceful society.

I believe in schools that encourage both quantitative and qualitative thought, recognize individuality, trust teachers, engage parents and challenge students to succeed.

I believe in the National Popular Vote compact, and that the Electoral College is an outmoded system that encourages gerrymandering.

Finally, I believe it is past time to end governmental gridlock, and I believe in working cooperatively with reasonable people of goodwill for the good of all.